Garment Care

Handling printed garments could require extra care to help keep them in the best possible shape. We have created a general list of guidelines below which will help increase durability.

• Do not wash within 24 hours of application. Generally this will not apply as deliveries take between 3 – 5 days.

• Do not dry clean.

• Turn the garment inside out before washing. This will help prevent contact with other garments in the wash causing abrasions.

• Use a mild detergent. Try to avoid whiteners & fabric softeners.

• Do not apply bleach. Where possible do not allow contact with aggressive cleaning solutions.

• Select a low temperature setting or cold wash on your machine.

• Do not tumble dry. Always hang up to dry naturally.

• Avoid ironing directly over the transfer. We recommend placing a cloth or towel over the garment before ironing.

• Avoid contact with direct heat sources e.g radiators.

Please note these are general guidelines for washing and maintaining decorated garments, any settings you use may differ depending on the item. Washing instructions for specific materials can be found on the garment label however they will not cover the decoration.

DTG Printed Garments

For ink (Direct-To-Garment) printed garments, please wash before first use. Due to the process of the application, a ”pretreatment” solution is used to bond the ink to the fabric surface. This solution is sensitive to UV rays from the sun and could cause a yellowing of the garment, especially with white garments. This pretreatment will break down and greatly reduce the risk of staining after one or two wash cycles.