Age Verification

Age Verification

Why do we need to Verify Your Age

Since 2015 it has been illegal to sell vape products to anybody under the age of 18, so we must ensure that all customers are age checked. When you shop online we can't see your face so we have to conduct a digital age verification on every new customer.

Vaping products are only available to UK customers and we will not ship internationally.

How we perform an Age Verification check

When you make your first order for our vaping products we will require a valid copy of your ID (Passport, Driving Licence, PASS certified ID card) to be uploaded and attached to your order so we can perform a manual age verification check. Photographs must be clearly visible with no blurred areas, shadowing, excess glare, obstructions (including fingers) or areas of the document missing. We must be able to see the full document and all included details.

Payment and delivery details MUST match the information on the provided documents (Name, Address e.t.c). Due to the nature of age verification, we are unable to dispatch any products to an alternate address or to anyone else other than the individual displayed in the ID.

For customers who have created their own account, we will only have to check your age once. Upon completion of the age verification we will mark your account and you will not have to perform this process again unless you change any of your personal details, where we will conduct another check to ensure the security of your account.
All customers who choose to checkout as a guest will have to submit their ID with each individual order.

At no point will we request any form of payment to perform an age verification check.

Identification documents are not shared with any 3rd party and not used for purpose other than to check your age.

Failed checks

There are occasions where authentic ID cannot be verified which may be due to the condition the document is in. If we are unable to verify your identification we may request additional information before processing your order. This could be an alternative ID document or a residential check in the form of a bank statement or utility bill. Again, this MUST be in your name and detail the same address as used in your order.

We are also aware of fake identification documents and reserve the right to refuse any submitted documents if we believe them to be altered for falsified in any way.

In the event of a failed check your order will not be processed and any payment will be refunded (minus any transactional fees incurred in the payment processing) so please ensure you have the correct ID in good condition before placing your order. Customers will receive an email containing an explanation as to why their order has been refunded and if you have ordered any products from our site which do not require age verification, your order will be partially shipped and only the products requiring age verification will be refunded.

Why do we perform Age Verification

Not only is it the law to only sell vaping products to customers over 18, we also try our best to discourage younger generations from taking up any form of smoking. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance which is also harmful your health. Even if you are old enough to purchase vaping products, if you have not tried them before we strongly recommend not to start.


Nicotine Warning

E-Liquids can contain nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and can be poisonous. We do not in any way advocate the use of electronic cigarettes or e-liquids.

Vaping products must always be kept out of reach of children. We advise that the following groups of people not to use e-cigarettes that contain nicotine:

  • pregnant or lactating women
  • people who suffer from cardio-vascular diseases
  • people suffering from seizure disorders.

If you are unsure, please take advice from your doctor. 

In case of accident (ingestion or adverse reaction) contact your doctor immediately. The ingestion of e-liquids (aerosols) can be harmful to your health.

Please note: E-liquids may contain traces of nuts, if you have a nut allergy of any form please refrain from using e-liquids. 

Dynamic Threads cannot be held liable for mis-use of e-liquids or any other products sold on our website. All products purchased are used at your own risk.

By browsing this site, you confirm that you are of legal age and have read this disclaimer.